Clif Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter: $1.49/Kroger

cliforganic_dkchocpb (3)I can only guess that this is Clif’s version of KIND bars as it looks the same and I swear I’ve eaten the same exact taste and texture b4, but if it’s crunchy nostalgia in my mouth, I welcome it back with enthusiasm. This Clif Organic Trail Mix Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter bar tastes awesome, although I hate what each bite is doing to the permanent retainer on my lower teeth – sticky gobs getting trapped there possibly forcing me to unearth the sample dental floss buried somewhere under my sink, the ones that only make an appearance 2 weeks prior to a dentist check-up so I don’t get a lecture.

Clif and Kroger must have some sort of marketing arrangement right now b/c I keep getting coupons in the mail for them and finally gave in and picked up a few, along w/ several Clif Mojo’s that look identical to these. I don’t really wholly embrace an organic routine and will eat just about anything as long as it tastes good. I think the only organic thing that I’m snobbish about is Costco’s organic lean ground beef – it’s so expensive, but it really does make for remarkable meatloaf and tacos. Now for my weekly crockpot chilis, I feel wasteful using that glorious ground, but in a recipe where the beef is that star, absolutely gooooo organic! Here’s hoping that during our family trip next week we prepare an evening of cold meatloaf sandwiches to picnic on down at the beach, and all the better if the meat is the aforementioned quality. Anyhow, this bar actually does taste good, but it’d be nice if the dark chocolate wedges were more evenly scattered, but w/ the layer of chocolate on the bottom at least I’m getting chocolate in each bite. Not sure if it’s peanut butter I taste as much as just nuts. If it weren’t for the overly sticky difficulty in eating, I’d 5 these, but otherwise a 4/5.
cliforganic_dkchocpb (4)cliforganic_dkchocpb (2)

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