Millville Chewy Dipped Chocolate Chip: $1.79/Box of 6/Aldi

aldi_chocolatechewydipped (4)We don’t have an Aldi close enough to us for me to frequent it for shopping, so I’ve only stopped in twice in passing. My 1st time was b/c I over-estimated how much time I needed to get to a follow-up visit w/ the oral surgeon about the tooth that he’d removed last Fall and saw Aldi across the street from the medical office complex and thought I’d run through. The interior is so gray, cold and clinical; even the examination room at said oral surgeon’s office was warmer in hue and temperature … although not in temperament. The surgeon assistants and receptionist were all cold stares and duck lips, and when they spoke, their teeth were blindingly white, whereas the clerks in Aldi were nice and friendly, but I won’t pass judgement on their less-than-sparkling teeth since I’m a coffee-swilling ex-smoker and have no room to talk. I ended up leaving w/ just what I could carry in my arms b/c I wasn’t aware of Aldi’s buggy and bag system, so I had a box of Cheddar Penguins (their generic and surprisingly delicious version of goldfish) and a case of grapefruit La Croix.

Fast forward to last week going to the bank to deposit my (FINALLY) check from the settlement on my November car accident, I passed the same Aldi, and thought about going in and wandering around more, but stuck to the bank mission. My Dad must’ve been on the same retail wavelength as me b/c that afternoon also found him an Aldi where he bought me a few boxes of bars to try out. Sharing a Millville Chewy Dipped Chocolate Chip bar w/ Joanna and we are in agreement that this is too much like a candy bar. I’m not sure which candy bar it reminds me of, but I’m positive that the chocolate layer around the oat and krispy rice pieces either is a knock-off of a Quaker bar, or a candy bar. I didn’t even see any chocolate chips in mine which maybe I approve of since I am eating this as a mid-morning snack and not as a dessert. I don’t like it simply b/c if I closed my eyes, I might as well be eating something that was given out at Halloween and more like Halloween 2+ yrs. ago b/c the innards have a stale quality to them. 2/5
aldi_chocolatechewydipped (3)aldi_chocolatechewydipped (2)


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