Alyssa’s Healthy Vegan Oatmeal Bites: Publix/Box of 8/$4.99

alyssa_veganoatmealbites (3)When Tom goes to Publix for lunch he’ll occasionally pick up a spontaneous treat that he says is for me, but really it’s is for him to try too. And on a very rare occasion, I end up being gifted w/ “no-reason-flowers” – the best kind ever. One of his more recent stops resulted in him triumphantly presenting me w/ a little plastic clamshell box of what he called “round hippie bars” for me. Alyssa’s Vegan Bites apparently are on a very limited run of availability in Publix, but can be found in specialty stores in only a few other states, along w/ ordered directly from their website. It’s not rectangular-shaped food, but its ingredients are more breakfast-bar than dessert. Very healthy and much more soft than I would’ve expected, and whatwhatwhat? Only 45 calories each? Being packaged the way that it is, I would’ve thought that they would go bad or stale very quickly (their website offers recommendations for how long they’re good at room temp, fridge, and frozen, but we ate them too quickly to have to be concerned about that) but even the following day, they still maintained a fresh-baked quality. What would put these over the top would be the addition of a few small chocolate chips. As it is, they are nearly guilt-free and delicious, and it’s a shame that I can’t buy them in larger quantities. I’d even love it if 3 of them were mashed together through a Play-dough machine and pressed down upon to squeeze out into a rectangular form. Maybe I’ll post a comment on Alyssa’s website suggesting that b/c these “bites” are great. I’m glad that Tom’s random grab was these and not the wierd flatbread crackers he got me once that were 2 months past their sell-by date and tasted like I was eating the cardboard flap of a corrugated shoebox that had been sitting in a cobweb-festooned attic too long. 5/5
alyssa_veganoatmealbites (4)alyssa_veganoatmealbites (2)

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