Sunbelt Bakery Oats & Honey: $2.49/Kroger/Box of 10

sunbeltbakery_oats&honey (3)Mother’s Day is this weekend so everything being crammed in our faces to show our appreciation for the lasses whose uteruses (uterii?) made for our warm sleeping bag nests for approximately 9 months is revolving around brunch and bouquets. Why does my thank-you for being (and having) a Mom have to be about breakfast food or flowers? I fall into the camp of the kindergarten folk who make homemade gifts b/c as a Mom (and again, having one who I adore and respect, not just for bringing me into this world, but for also raising me, and being my friend along the way) I really appreciate the thought that goes into a handmade gift or a gesture rather than a store-bought one. For the past 8 years, if there’s one thing that I’ve asked for in the time that I’ve been able to have this hallowed Hallmark day in May in my honor, it’s to be sent out of the home and dumped onto a piece of furniture where I’ll be massaged or manicured, and upon returning to my home, it will be clean. It will be as if little Cinderella mice scampered around in my absence and magically transformed a dusty dungeon into a clean castle, and I will have been transformed (at least for a brief period) from a neurotic Mom into just me … just Ticia. Is it wrong that I want Mother’s Day to be about Me the person, and not Me the Mom?

The next time that I see my Mom will be on the beach, in the sun, w/ sandy (unpedicured) toes and no concerns over cleaning, art projects or any manner of chores. In the meantime, while I work on her Mother’s Day crafty gifts, I will snack on a Sunbelt Bakery Oats & Honey bar, b/c there had better be Sun when we’re at the beach, I hope that I don’t forget to pack my cute blue dress that needs a Belt (a belt that will hopefully come from my Mom’s insane accessory library), I hope that our rented umbrellas are situated in soft sand, and not sand that feels Oat-ey and crunchy like this bar, and I hope that my winterized skin is transformed (see what I did there again?) into a golden Honey. This is a rather bland and dry bar, one that I would eat alongside a cup of chamomile tea, which is the furthest beverage from my brain when I’m trying to daydream about the seaside vacation that’s just around the corner. But since I’m such a generous Mom, I’ll share what’s left of it w/ Louise. Happy Mother’s Day to all and to all a good bar. 3/5
sunbeltbakery_oats&honey (4)sunbeltbakery_oats&honey (2)

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