Clif Nuts & Seeds: $1/Kroger

clif_nuts&seeds (3)Clif Nuts & Seeds is like the pinecones smeared in peanut butter and sprinkled in birdseed that we all made in Elementary school for birdfeeders. It is both nutty and peanutty, but also very dry in its crunchiness. Every charming and sloppy handmade project that came home from school was probably greeted with choruses of “awwww thank yooooous” and then the objet d’art or the object d’oh (and in some cases dough – I seem to recall making many a Christmas ornament out of sticky dough) was then quietly nestled into the trash beneath a few layers of ninja-rubbish to hide it. Oh I know this b/c I am guilty of throwing away some of Joanna’s artwork b/c the stuff just BREEDS more art. If I don’t sneak it into the trash, she’ll see it on top and woe be the droopy-eyed sad expression of your child and the stammered excuses that you have to give that crestfallen face as to why her art is in the trash.

This bar takes the best quality of chunky peanut butter – the chunkiness and the nuttiness – and packs it into their classic energy bar. I know that not everybody needs a fruit or a chocolate whiff in every bar that he or she eats, but I would much prefer this one to have one or the other, and I DO love my peanut butter. I’m just saying that there are other Clif flavors that combine nuts and/or seeds w/ something else that gives it a little more dimension. 2/5
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