Lenny & Larry White Chocolate Cookie: $2.99/Publix

lennylarry_whitechocolatemacadama (3)Sneaky Afro-spokeslogos, I see 180 calories (!!) for this monstrous cookie that’s also thick and poofy! No wait, there are TWO servings, so it’s an evil 360 calorie non-rectangular dry pillow. It’s the same trick that caught me w/ those delicious Nature Bakery’s fig bars. Who eats half a cookie from inside one package? Me now, I guess. And maybe not even half b/c a Lenny & Larry Complete White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie tastes like a big yawn to me.

When I first unwrapped it, I was immediately transported to my high school cafeteria where everyday, they baked, plastic-wrapped, and sold massive chocolate chip cookies for $0.50 each. I don’t exagerrate when I say that they were as large as a toddler’s face and maintained the perfect balance of crispy perimeter and squishy interior. If you didn’t have “First Lunch”, you were almost guaranteed they’d be sold out later on, so you’d beg a friend w/ an earlier lunch period to snag one for you. It was way better than any Hostess, Little Debbie, or in my case, bags of Famous Amos cookies, that you brown-bagged.

But my apologies Lenny and Larry, despite your best efforts to fool me into thinking you were a 180 calorie cookie, I don’t find you particularly tasty. It has nothing to do w/ you being vegan and non-dairy – I’ve baked and bought plenty of yummy treats in said manner – you’re just very dry, bland and expensive. 1/5
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