Brookside Cranberry with Cranberry Flavor: $1.49/Kroger

brookside_cranberryblackberry (3)My favorite color as a little girl was “puhpull” and I have to smile remembering my delight at the little crocuses peeking their heads up from the garden bed to the right of our front door, or pictures of me as a snappily-dressed 5 year old in a purple cordouroy overalls’ dress. In my purple-obsessed youth, I was just a touch too little to have appreciated Prince’s “Purple Rain” when it was released, but that doesn’t diminish the admiration that I had (and have) for a man of such unparalleled talent. Hearing about his death this week is such a heart-breaking disappointment. I mean, it’s Prince. PRINCE. Somebody on my Facebook feed remarked that she couldn’t give two bleep-blorps about Prince’s death. I try to avoid the comment-section trolls and drama, but I had to remark that respecting one’s way of coping w/ loss, especially when it’s that of an artist who entertained so many people for his entire career, is respectful to the deceased and to the people mourning. My parents asked, “were you ever a big fan of Prince?” to which I responded, “how can anybody dislike his music?” He’s a chocolate sundae (basic vanilla ice cream w/ chocolate sauce, nothing about it to not like) w/ the unexpected addition of fiery peppers, sparklers, or 24k gold flakes. He elevates music and performance to wow.

Now ice cream socials or teen dance nights (I cringe just using those expressions, not just for their corniness, but also knowing that similar activities are not far on Joanna’s horizon) in my later youthful years would’ve involved the thumpy thruming seductive strums of Prince’s “7”, a song that will never cease to conjure those awkward dancing years. And forget about “1999”, easily a song that 99% of the population who wasn’t cowering in canned-food-laden bunkers for fear of Y2K listened to on 12/31/99. (I was in Athens wearing the most hideous faux fur thrift store jacket.) The wrapper on a Brookside Fruit & Nut Cranberry with Blackberry bar is very, very purple. A purple-bedecked Brookside bar would be a great addition to one’s doomsday plunder, or one’s NYE night of heavy drinking in Athens. I do have to snicker that it’s called “Cranberry with Blackberry Flavor” since there is nothing resembling blackberry on the ingredient list, but I do so love seeing the green pumpkin seeds on its bed of dark chocolate. If I could share my purple bar w/ Prince I would, but he’s probably holding a guitar in one hand, and an ice cream sundae in the other. 4/5
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