Quaker Chewy Thin Mints: Box of 6/Kroger/$1.99

quaker_thinmint (4)Green badge sashes, starchy logo button-downs, kumbayas and gender stereotypes – I was a Brownie then a Girl Scout growing up. My poor Dad had to take cookie-ordering forms to his office (which I would feverishly inspect upon his return home /whine/ “you only sold FIVE boxes, Daaaaaad?”), and I went door to door b4 it became worrisome for parents to allow their kids to knock on strangers’ doors. I was never a top-seller and usually rounded out cookie season w/ extra boxes that my parents reluctantly ordered and the wah-wah prize of yet another t-shirt.

Like many others, we always tucked a few boxes of Thin Mints in the freezer; I liked to break mine apart over vanilla ice cream. Now if I eat a Girl Scout cookie (which is seldom to never b/c I’d rather make my own cookies and not make eye contact w/ the overly-enthusiastic girls outside of the Walmart entrance trying to sell theirs) I prefer a Tag-along. Spying a Girl Scout meets Quaker Chewy bar in “Thin Mint” flavor, I still had to try it, and I have to say, it doesn’t disappoint – if anything, I’d rather eat a 100 calorie granola bar that tastes like a Thin Mint over the 2-3 actual cookies of same nutritional values. The chocolate drizzle factor is nice (oops, I guess I photographed it upside-down) and while it’s the same texture as any other Quaker chewy bar, it manages to capture that minty-chocolate flavor in every bite. 4/5
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