Power Bar Harvest Toffee Chocolate Chip: $1.49/Kroger

powerbarharvest_toffeechocchip (3)“Toffee” isn’t a flavor that turns up on bars all that often. It really isn’t something that I think of other than the occasionally miniature Heath bar buried in a pillowcase full of mixed candy at Halloween, or one of my aunts’ homemade nutty/chocolatey/toffee bark that she sends out during Christmas. Any holiday season that doesn’t involve eggs, shamrocks, or cupids could not be further from my brain right now. The conversation hearts, leprechauns, and pillowy Peeps are behind us, and we’re in a seasonal lull until the end of May. I used to dread working the St. Patrick’s festival at the winery/hotel where I was employed, only b/c people use that day (like Cinco de Mayo, New Years, Flag Day and sometimes Thursday) as just another excuse to get obliterated. The afternoon would start innocently, w/ a local dance studio of girls doing a traditional Irish jig, followed by jaunty Irish bands, plates of bangers and mash, and glittery shamrocks being innocently painted on cheeks. A couple hours in and the stumbling, beer-breathed bawdy requests for kisses, and the projectile green-hued vomit … not so enjoyable to have to maintain one’s robot smile and guest-pleasing pants on.

Power Bar Harvest Toffee Chocolate Chip is in a kelly green wrapper, but thankfully any relation to Ye Day of Saint Patrick who probably didn’t wear miniature green top hats nor beg for smooches stops there, as the toffee has brought my head back to a holiday that’s a month behind us, but will rush more quickly towards us as each in b/t holiday passes. I don’t want to think about Christmas, but this bar tastes so much like my Aunt Kathy’s homemade toffee candy that I can’t help it. Both are delicious, but this one has the added health benefits, not to mention that I don’t have to wait 8 months to eat it. 5/5
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