Bare Naked Almond Cranberry: $1.99/Kroger

barenaked_almondcranberry (3)I love Bare Naked’s bags of chunky granola for breaking apart to top yogurt or sauteed cinnamon apples, but when it’s smashed and condensed into bar form, I don’t like it as much. So to remedy that, I will now crumble the remainder of this bar into a bowl of vanilla yogurt. Much better. Unfortunately I don’t think of nicely-wrapped bars as being something that I have to transform into a different shape to like it better. That would be like opening a pack of Lance cheese crackers to use them as the binder in meatloaaaaaf … ooof! Screw that, that actually sounds really good. A meatloaf made w/ crushed cheese sandwich crackers as opposed to bread crumbs, oats, or whatever other dry thing is going stale in my pantry?

Turning a bar into something entirely different is the basis of several recipes that I was recently browsing, such as all kinds of heavenly desserts that incorporate Quest bars into amazing creations. Some folks have gotten pretty crafty, like flattening and baking a S’mores Quest and spreading marshmallow fluff in the middle of two pieces for a questy gooey s’more. Our neighbors across the street have a fire pit and do s’mores every few nights. The occasions that I’ve wandered over there, like a cartoon being dragged by its nose via a curling finger of yummy smells, I’ve found that every step of making a s’more takes me step bystep backwards into my childhood. Poking around for the perfect stick in the woods, getting dirty, jabbing a marshmallow onto the stick, gleefully catching the marshmallow on fire, smooshing it w/ sticky fingers between chocolate bars and graham crackers … and then the oozy bite, like a sugary woosh back to summer camp or backyard BBQ’s.

Now I realize that this was intended to be about Bare Naked Almond Cranberry and I’ve greatly deviated from that flavor into an entirely different flavor camp, so I think that tomorrow morning I will have to make up for it by eating whatever bar I can find in the S’mores flavor. But as far as the one that I just finished eating over my yogurt goes, I would rather have a handful of almonds or dried cranberries on my yogurt and not have to open a bar. For as high as it is in both sugar and calories, and its taste being a bit on the dry side, I just can’t justify enough positives to want to have one again. 1/5
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