NutriGrain Harvest Country Strawberry: Box of 5/Kroger/$2.99

nutringrainharveststrawberry (3)It has been way too long since I’ve been camping. I grew up “car-camping” – just pull up to a gravel pad where a grill, firepit and picnic table await you, and right around the corner is a bathroom. In high school, it was more adventurous and we (by “we”, I now mean friends and I, not the family unit) would hike a few miles (packs laden w/ Southern Comfort, Zimas, and packets of dry ramen and hot chocolate) to find that perfect, slightly-concealed spot and then camp. Later on, I’d beg friends to go in a yurt w/ me so we could have that in between camping – not in a tent, but not in those ultra-posh cabins that I’ve also had the pleasure of being a weekender at. Those 3-story, hot-tubs on the decks, media center mountain retreats, a few miles from the tourist traps of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. Where you can enjoy mountain views, and then go dress like an old-timey train robber for a black and white portrait, buy an overpriced bag of local candy, and return to the hot tub when it’s dark and you can no longer enjoy the view.

Even in the most uncomfortable of sleeping bags, and I’ve recently unearthed an old one in our garage that has vinyl starting to crack, zippers that creak w/ each yank, and seams that burst w/ poofs of dust, I would gladly go on a 1 or 2 night camping trip w/ Tom and the girls, just for the morning of instant coffee and instant oatmeal, after a night of hot dogs on a stick burnt over a fire. NutriGrain Harvest Strawberry; however, would not be a bar that I would bring on a camping trip for breakfast or a snack. I tried to cut it into pieces to share w/ Louise, but the brown crusty bottom layer is like the dry underside of the sleepbag that I found. There was no unrolling or opening of either w/o a cloud of crumb or dust. Then there’s the harvest strawberry goo that’s like the down filler layer b/t the slippery surface of the sleeping bag that’s started to shift towards the bottom. The top layer is a sprinkle of streusel-like oat crumbs and those greatly resemble the dust that formed then solidified (well past the fluffy dust bunny stage into a more 3-dimensional chunk form.) I would rather eat a normal NutriGrain cereal bar in strawberry than this Harvest One, whether or not I’m sitting on a wobbly bar stool at my kitchen counter, or a folding camping chair at a campground. 1/5
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