Thai Chapul Coconut Lime Ginger

thaichapul_coconutgingerlime (3)I’m not sure how much a Thai Chapul Coconut Lime Ginger bar cost as my Dad gave it to me w/ his funky mixed grab-bag of bars purchased from Sprout as a Christmas gift. He must’ve missed that this one’s made w/ Cricket Protein Powder as I’m sure that there would’ve been at least one bad “Dad joke” on Christmas morning about hearing crickets. So this bar is made w/ crickets b/c of their sustainability as an “ancient protein source.” I’m certain in ancient times, any human would’ve gladly snatched up a cricket and eaten it, but it just seems too out-there for me today. Even having watched the charming, man-scarfed Ishai Golan on Instant Netflix’s “Street Food Around the World” when he squeamishly dropped wiggling insects in his mouth, this was still rough for me, in its factory-produced bar form.

I managed to convince both Tom and Joanna to share it w/ me b/c c’mon, we HAD to be able to say that we’d tried crickets, even if they were pulverized into a protein powder. But the thing is, we all agreed that this flavor, Coconut Ginger & Lime just tasted awful. It tasted like something that belongs in a hand-sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. As much as I would’ve loved to have seen Tom pull a cricket antenna or leg from between his teeth, I know that it’s a little gimmicky, but that wouldn’t stop me from trying a different flavor of Thai Bar, just not this one again. 1/5

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