Quaker Chewy Dipps Peanut Butter: Publix/Box of 6/$2.49

quakerchewydipps_peanutbutter (4)Quaker Chewy Dipps Peanut Butter is more like a candy bar, and Joanna called a quick “dibs!” on the rest of my Dipps b4 her baby sister could waddle over and start whining “deedeedeedee” which is her all-encompassing catch-phrase for “I want a bite of that.” One bite in and I had to pass it onto Jo (what great parenting – you’re about to run out the door to catch your bus? Here, finish this sugar-infused, chocolate-coated treat!) as I can’t take too much sweetness in my mornings. I won’t lie, it DOES taste good, and I can definitely see one using it as a dieter’s dessert, but I’m having a hard time getting past the adorable little poo on the wrapper that’s supposed to be a peanut butter or chocolate chip but is really just swirling into a precious googly-eyed dookie.

Friday is April Fool’s Day and I’m thinking of gluing googly eyes on Joanna’s homework assignments and lunch and school supplies in her backpack so that during the day, I’ll be watching her, but not in a creepy way, in a “gotcha, but I loveya!” kind of way, unlike my hilarious April Fool’s joke on her last year that had her sulking in tears. The thing w/ Joanna is, she is VERY serious in regards to the few foods that she genuinely dislikes. One of those foods is pickles. So I wrapped a pickle spear in a piece of tin foil w/ a note in her lunchbox last year that said “Enjoy your dessert!” but in my defense, on the back of the note, I’d written “April Fool’s! Your real dessert is hiding under your ice pack.” She was so upset and appalled at the pickle prank that she never flipped the note over and assumed that, horror of horrors!, she had no dessert that day. So I think this year I’ll just be cute, and maybe put a Quaker Chewy Dipps in her lunch w/ some googly eyes on the doodoo wrapper picture. 4/5

quakerchewydipps_peanutbutter (2)quakerchewydipps_peanutbutter (5)

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