Simple Truth Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bar: $0.80/Kroger

krogersimpletruth_pbchocchip (4)It’s not often that I buy Kroger’s Simple Truth products, but lately they’ve been showing up more and more frequently on their digital coupon list, so I had to download the most recent “buy 3 ST bars, save $1” and poke thru the flavor selection. There were tiny kale and fruit bars, large “Clif-ish” bars, and rectangular ones, such as this Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bar. When I got home to add it to my mixed old box of bars (I’ve been using the same Fiber Love bar that I got from Amazon for over a year now, the one that my husband so cheekily added a “G” in front of love for me last year on his bizarre Mother’s Day scavenger hunt) I realized, w/ a frownie face, that the box was starting to split at the seams. I ended up clearing out an old tupperware (rectangular, of course) to use for storing all the individual bars.

Seeing the translucent box on the top shelf of my pantry, w/ a cheerful and colorful row of bar soldiers peeking along its outward facing side, just adds to my obsessive enjoyment over storing or displaying things in see-through vessels. I like arranging smelly lotions and chapsticks in clear bathroom caddies. I love making spice blends in tiny hinge-lidded jars that I buy at Michael’s. I really love my new terrarium that I’ve added onto w/ charming little garden figurines. I covet the ability to grow a miniature terrarium in a necklace pendant like the one that I saw at a booth at AthFest last summer. I adore snipping “nubs” of my pathos plants and sticking them into old candle jars that I’ve frozen and scraped free of wax. So it’s not surprise that I’m smiling when I nestle my new booty of Simple Truth bars into their clear rectangular home.

But one breaks free from its pantry confines and leaps into my mouth. Simple Truth Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bar’s chocolate-glazed exterior conceals a chewier and denser interior than I expected, similar to a Luna Protein. Its taste is a good balance of the peanut butter and the chocolate chip and the protein count is decent. It doesn’t need a see-through wrapper to entice me into wanting to eat another one and for 80 cents, I would gladly do just that. 4/5

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