Earnest Power Grains & Flax: $2.25/box of 5/Publix

earnest_powergrain&flax (3)I grabbed one of these a few weeks ago at 6 a.m. and jammed it into my Austin Powers rain-slicker (this coat really IS groovy and is thisclose to requiring a selfie on here) thinking that I may need some fuel for what did turn out to be a long morning. Tom had bought these, along w/ another flavor of Earnest bars, on the fun clearance shelves at Publix. Definitely not something I would expect him to nibble on w/ the box declaring “Quinoa, Amaranth, Oats.” What I would’ve given to have swapped places w/ him that rainy morning though …

Pre-school enrollment. Clearly this experience has changed considerably since Joanna was a baby. I walked into daycare, she had a free “trial” day (where I cried way more than her), followed by a signature upon picking her up, and likethat she’s enrolled. As of late, Louise is napping less and needing more supervision and entertainment, she has learned to push furniture and climb from dining room chair, to table, to counter, and needs to play w/ her-size kiddos. So I walked into a charming church down the road several weeks ago (must’ve been fate as I’d had no other way of knowing that their fall session enrollment was right around the corner) and the director told me to to come back for an enrollment w/ doors open at 6:30 a.m. and enrollment beginning at 7:30. So w/ a bellyful of spinach omelet and peanut butter/banana-smeared Wasa, I strutted w/ confidence through the rainshower at 6:25 to the front door, only to see throngs of parents through the window. At 6:30 a.m., I was one of the last to arrive. I meekly picked up my beeper and slunk to a chair, sheepishly turned to the mother next to me (oh how I wanted to utter the words of Otto the Busdriver “Wait??!? This isn’t the line for Metallica?”) and asked what time people had arrived. Folded camping chairs that I’d dodged on the sidewalk supported her smug reply of “3 a.m.” There were parents waiting to enroll their tots in pre-school as early as 3 a.m.?!? These spry, spunky, most of them younger than me parents (who probably would neither know that Simpsons reference, nor possibly who Metallica is) had been up that long, and I’d been sitting at home eating eggs and watching Cookie Monster sing Mazzy Star’s “Fade into You” rather than knowing that my toddler’s schooling was so competitive.

2 hours later, I was glad to reach into my blue jacket and find an Earnest Power Grains & Flax bar. I love the description about the ancient grains b/c it makes me think of ancient grannies, and neither of my grandmas would have any idea what quinoa and amaranth are – they be all “roll out the pie crust with more butter. Your drink needs more butter. I think that sticky bun could use some more butter.” But I feel good eating this bar. The ingredients aren’t as abbreviated of a list as a Lara Bar, but I’m OK w/ that – it earnestly tastes earthy, and whatever ancient powers were released by the packed rectangular grains got me through watching the discouraged faces of parents being told that they were wait-listed for their 3-year olds to attend their pre-school, but I guess since Louise will be w/ the 2-year olds, there was a spot for her. Returned home, opened another one of these bars and shared it w/ Louise. Way to go girlfriend, you’re on your way to joining Cookie Monster in a duet. 4/5

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