FiberOne Coffee Cake: $3.99/Box of 6/Kroger

fiberone_coffeecake (5)Oh what a petite and cute little package you are, FiberOne Coffee Cake! I can eat you in two bites, chomp-chomp. No wonder you are a mere 90 calories; if I baked a coffee cake and cut the pieces to this dainty of a size, I could probably squash 90 calories in there. Upon opening the package, my nostrils are enveloped in a heady cinnamon aroma; bakery-fresh and not as artificially-smelling as I expected. The icing drizzle is a nice touch, the portioning, while small, is probably good for a mid-morning snack alongside a cup of coffee … oh who am I kidding, I’d gladly eat a Luna or Quest bar of more than double the calories (and girth, length, perimeter, isometric, isoscelean size) for a mid-morning snack, so I’m not going to eat just one, but gasp, dare I eat two of these? (One of my favorite “scary” books as a kid was “The Spooky Old Tree” and I still read my torn and well-loved copy to my kiddos, so YES. I dare.)

The first bite is soft, fluffy and reminds me of a Cinnabon chased w/ a Starbucks from when I worked at the Mall and had 12 hour shifts on my feet and my metabolism could take making that much sugar my meal. And two delicate bites later and it’s gone. The 2nd one I zapped on a napkin in my microwave for 10 seconds. The icing was then a little gooey on my fingers, but the taste — “groin-grabbingly transcendant” as Homer Simpson the Food Critic would say. Well worth opening a second one for the warm squishy goodness, and easily bumped this sucker up to 5/5.
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