Clif Mojo Peanut Butter Pretzel: $1.49/Kroger

clifmojo_pbpretzel (3)A spontaneous stop into Costco last weekend was a very, VERY bad idea. I don’t recommend going into Costco to browse w/o a list b/c the resulting purchase(s) will be random and rough on the wallet, like a romper for Joanna to match a romper I bought myself a few weeks ago. It’s barely spring and I’m getting rompers. I’m almost 40, and I’m going to wear a romper. I explained to Jo that when you wear one, make sure it’s not on a day where you plan on drinking alot of liquids b/c it’s like having to take off a one-piece bathing suit to go to the bathroom. I was down in the Mall of Georgia area and as I approached Costco, I thought to myself “diapers! We need a monster box of diapers!” Nowhere in my mind did I think “I need to own a summery ‘onesie’ to be twinsies w/ my tween!” But of course I didn’t just walk up the diaper aisle carrying the box by itself in my arms, I mistakenly got a cart at the entrance out of sheer habit. And of course I had to leisurely browse up and down each aisle b/c #1. I didn’t have fidgety children w/ me, and #2. The sample tables weren’t prepared yet, so I thought I’d give them some time to get food out for me.

Four aisles down from the diapers are the crackers, cookies and crunchy-treats. And the huge plastic jug of pillow-ey pretzels w/ a glob of peanut butter inside. You bite into these things and the pretzel is just thin enough to allow for maximum crunchiness while allowing the perfect amount of space to hold a wad of peanut buttery goodness. Did I answer the siren’s snack song? Yes. Does Clif Mojo Sweet & Salty Peanut Butter Pretzel approximate the taste of that snack treat in a healthier form, minus the “you-can’t-just-pop-one-your-mouth” motion? Sadly, no. I just finished eating about half of the Clif Mojo, and it looks like that brand of candy bar that always ends up in your Halloween bucket from somebody’s fun-sized mix bag. I don’t know what its name is, but it’s not a candy bar that I want to eat, and now, neither is this Clif Bar. It’s dry and sticky at the same time, and I’m not tasting enough pretzel. I guess I have no choice but to grab a handful of those pretzel peanut butter gold nuggets instead, and mmmouthful, realizing that these will be the perfect Prius accompaniment on our Spring Break (I feel myself aging just saying that, knowing that it is followed by beads, debauchery, or booze) trek to see the in-laws in Texas. 2/5

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