Nature’s Bakery Apple Cinnamon: $2.99/box of 6/Kroger

naturesbakery_applecinnamon (4)I was bummed to see that Costco replaced the fig flavor in their Nature’s Bakery bulk box w/ Apple Cinnamon b/c I love all things fig, excluding those slimy black dried figs that remind me more of prunes. So b4 committing to another huge Costco box, I bought the smaller Nature’s Bakery Apple Cinnamon at Kroger. It was on the shelf right next to their new pomegranate (gluten-free, whoopeedoo) flavor that was more expensive and not part of the particular sale that they were running, otherwise, I would’ve gotten it too. I became weirdly obsessed w/ pomegranates after seeing an old episode of Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” about them, w/ an unusual method for getting out all the juicy aril treasure nuggets w/o staining your fingers or anything else that those red balls of deliciousness comes into contact w/. So I settled for Apple Cinnamon, expecting them to taste just like Nutri-grain’s cereal bar of the same flavor. Nope, these have all the girthness, fillingness, deliciousness & calorieness of their other flavors (tsking again that the serving size is for 1 square when there are two in a package), and I put one of the two in the microwave for 10 sec. where it softened, and the filling became like a warm bite of Thanksgiving apple pie.

As terrifying as that thought is, I imagine that Thanksgiving will be here in a wink. I just barely hung the 2016 calendar on our fridge, am still writing 2015 on my checks (Yes, I am archaic like that, writing checks and balancing my checkbook old-school) and now I’m filling in summer activities and events. Summer goes by in a flash, and as soon as the months end in “ber” it might as well be the holidays. Catching breath, breathing into paperbag, repeating a peaceful mantra. Maybe I should save the “Autumnal” inspiring bar flavors for when it’s that season so I don’t catch myself making Christmas lists and checking them twice b4 I’ve even had a chance to wear the awesome new bathing suit that I just got in the mail from Boden. 5/5

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