Balance Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch: $1/Kroger

balance_chocmintcookiecrunch (3)I’m tearing open my second bar of the morning as I’ve been up since 4 and had breakfast at 5, so I’m peckish, and while lunch is still hours away, I’m going to try a Balance Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch. Louise has been running a fever along with a very runny nose (there’s nothing more pitiful than a sick baby w/ boogers all over her red-cheeked face) so her erratic sleeping has leaked into my sleepytime. As hard as I tried to keep my eyes open last night to finish an episode of Better Call Saul, followed by a chapter of Descent (thank you local library system for offering free 21-day Kindle loaners), I gave into the urge to board the sleepy-train, only to be jarred awake by shrieking child. Please, please, please don’t let her be swimming in puke. Fortunately, her arms had lost track of their tight grip on Phoebe the Bunny.

So I’m moving a little slower than normal, and growing hungrier sooner than normal. Without even rifling w/ my bleary peepers through my box of bars, I hastily grabbed a Balance Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch and opened it, finding it to be entirely too dry. It reminds me of my first attempt at making different types of bark to wrap w/ cheerful red and green curly ribbons and jangly bells to give to co-workers during the holidays; two of the more successful flavors were dark chocolate pistachio sea salt, and white chocolate cranberry walnut, but the chocolate peppermint one wasn’t so good, and this Balance bar reminds me of it. The mint is too strong and the texture is crumbly, and perhaps the bark that I made was w/ a low-end brand of chocolate that crumbled rather than breaking into tidy shards. Shame that Louise is sick and doesn’t have much of an appetite b/c I’m sure she would still have a bite of this bar, dryness and all. I’ll try to coax her over to try this “Nola Bah” … yes, she likes it, and I’m not entirely surprised. I, on the other hand, am going to have another cup of coffee to hopefully combat the dryness in my mouth, and perk up my droopy eyes. 2/5

balance_chocmintcookiecrunch (4) balance_chocmintcookiecrunch (2)

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