Power Bar Harvest Double Chocolate Crisp: $0.50/Kroger

powerbarharvest_dblchoccrisp (3)Unbeknownst to me that Power Bar had a chunky chocolate see-through wrapper bar in its repertoire, I was also delighted to find that there are 6 more flavors other than this Double Chocolate Crisp for me to try. This is like a rainbow on an otherwise murky Tuesday morning where Joanna’s breakfast options were limited to yawn, yuck, or in the final-answer result of this bar, yummy. It really was a great bar, despite that we went halfsies on it, along w/ what Joanna said was grody, I say goody (vanilla Greek yogurt w/ chopped dates and Grape-Nuts.) The crisp was crisp and the chocolate was indeed doubly chocolate due to the chocolate blankie on the bottom, and the chunks peppered throughout. We are looking forward to trying the other Harvest flavors, but in the meantime, I remember hiding behind MY blankie when I read my first honest-to-goodness horror book, aptly titled Harvest Home.

I won’t count Christopher Pike books as horror as they were pioneers in the YA supernatural and sexy-lite genre, but man, did I tear through some Christopher Pikes, after I’d exhausted my collection of Sweet Valley Highs and Babysitter’s Clubs. I found Harvest Home on the shelf of the beach condo that we had when I was a kid. It sat there, dog-eared, read and re-read by who knows how many renters who had come through our condo in need of an easy beach read. I picked it up when I probably should’ve still been reading Christopher Pikes (he was like the R.L. Stine of the tweens who were just a bit too cool for Goosebumps) and I can remember it scaring the chunks out of me. Looking back though, I wish my Mom had recommended Harvest Home for me to read rather than what she DID pull off that neon turquoise-hued bookshelf for me instead – the very racy, blushingly-so not just for the innocent youth that I was, but even for me now, Judith Krantz’s Princess Daisy. Give me horror over, well, let’s just say that the “cougar” (although I don’t think that term had been coined in the early 1980s yet) in the novel could’ve used ALOT of long-lasting Power Bar energy to get through all of the naughty acrobatic lessons that she imparts on a licit lad. But alas, Power Bars were a few years away from being introduced to marathon mistresses like Daisy. 5/5powerbarharvest_dblchoccrisp (4) powerbarharvest_dblchoccrisp (2)

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