Fiber One Mint Fudge Brownie: $2.99/Box of 6/Target

fiberone_mintchocolate (3)I really expected Fiber One Mint Fudge Brownie to taste like minty dental floss b/c those perfect bright green icing drizzles across the top looked like, well, green floss. What a nice surprise that this FiberOne “brownie” was much yummier than I thought it would be. I let Joanna pick this flavor out when we were at Target b/c she wavers b/t her favorite ice cream flavor being Mint Chocolate Chip, and /yawn/ Vanilla. (I can’t say for sure why I capitalized the flavors of ice cream; I guess I put that much importance on the name. “What color nail polish is that??”, “why, I’m wearing Paint the Town Red, thanks for asking!” “Your car is really rad”, “I know, right?? It’s Oyster Pearl!” (Psst, my car is Blizzard Pearl and might I say, it has a rad sparkle in the sun.)

My fingernails are looking scraggly and my car needs to be washed, but damnit, I’m going to finish this Fiber One bar in 2, 1, 0 bites. I wish they were a little bigger, but I guess that’s the 90 calorie tease. I didn’t quite enjoy the taste alongside morning coffee, but as a quick bite dessert or afternoon sweet-kick, absolutely. Nice, soft chocolate texture (haven’t tried this one out in the microwave as I have w/ the other Fiber One “brownies”) and right-on w/ its mint companion. 4/5

fiberone_mintchocolate (4) fiberone_mintchocolate (2)

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