22 Days PB & Chocolate Chip Nirvana: $1.99/Sprouts

22days_pbchocchipnirvana (3)22 Days PB & Chocolate Chip Nirvana was one of the random bars that was gifted to me at Christmas, one that I’ve never seen b4 and chances are, will never see again as it came from a Sprouts store, of which there are none anywhere near these here Braselton parts. Who knows though – now that the new Northeast Georgia hospital is up and running (and unfortunately my family has used its ER services 3 times already), diggers and scoopers and humpoopers and plompers are all rolling down the road prepping the green rolling nearby hills for more medical offices and retail space, and most recently, have been told via the chatty mcChattersons on Facebook, a 12stone church. All of this development makes Joanna very sad, but she said she’d perk up if a roller-skating rink, Sweet Monkey, or CatchAir were built. I’d settle for a Greek or Vietnamese joint (weary of generic cheese-soaked bar – drinky-drinky bar, not rectangle bar – food) and maybe a Trader Joes. But leave some of the hills please so in 22 Days when the zombies are on the roam we can see them cresting the hills and not lurking b/t store fixtures, and parking lots filled w/ SUVs emblazoned w/ the 12stone sticker.

Yes, this bar made me think of 28 Days Later. And yes, the bar is non-GMO, plant-based, gluten-free, soy-free … all the things that zombies don’t care about it their diet, and I agree w/ them that this HEAVY bar is also taste-free. It’s shiny gold wrapper is like a Willy Wonka golden ticket but instead of a chocolate bar inside, its a brick that resembles chocolate only in appearance. I shared this w/ Tom and Joanna and we all felt heavier and sloth-like w/ that all that protein riding around in our guts. If I were facing a horde of zombies after eating this, I think I’d move as slowly, if not slower, as they. 2/5

22days_pbchocchipnirvana (4) 22days_pbchocchipnirvana (2)

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  • Al says:

    how funny ! clearly I didn’t know enough about choosing bars back when I bought it for you. Do you think the gold wrapper influenced my decision? probably so. Oh, and do humpoopers and plompers look like? please attach a picture. ha ha

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