Clif Organic Trail Mix Bar Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond: $1.99/Kroger

cliforganic_dkchoccherryalmond (3)I had to check Clif’s FAQs to find out what made their Clif Organic Trail Mix Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Bar different from Clif Mojo Fruit & Nut Bar, and it turns out, it’s a difference of 70% organic ingredients versus 100% organic ingredients. They look just the same, and to me, taste the same as well. The Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond flavor is actually quite delicious and I love that I can really TASTE the cherry. It seemed like the appropriate eat, today being Valentines’ Day, as cherries and dark chocolate remind me of drugstore cellophane heart-shaped boxes with waxy candies nestled in rustling, ruffled paper liners. One bite, let’s see what the filling is. Gooey mysterious fruit, moving on.

And the sky is falling, in the form of tiny plastic cherries. My New Year house cleanse (a month behind) and I was recently delighted to have an entire precarious stack of jigsaw puzzles and board games fall onto my head from the coat closet, including all of the loose cherries from Hi-ho Cheerio, and marbles from Hungry Hungry Hippos. Why manufacturers feel the need to update board games to make them more “modern” I’ll never understand. Clue was just fine the way it was w/o turning the Conservatory into a Garage, and the Ball Room into a Media Room, although I do approve of them adding in a bathroom b/c original Clue never had one. Where did Ms. White drop a dookie? One of my favorite games was always Hotels and I guess since it was somewhat of a Monopoly knockoff, updated versions were never made, so original Hotels fetches 100+ on Amazon and Ebay. It’s one of those games that I am fiercely competitive at, and maybe I passed that genetic sore-loser-ness to Joanna as I remember chubby tears rolling down her cheeks when the bird ate her cherries on Hi-ho Cheerio, or when she enthusiastically pumped her fist when she sent her competitor careening down the slide on Chutes and Ladders. 5/5

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