Nature Valley Lemon Poppy Seed: $2.99/Box of 5/Kroger

naturevalleybiscuit_lemonpoppy (3)A cheerful yellow plus polka dots, two things that never fail to put a smile on my face: the color yellow (sunshine! sunflowers! lemonade!), and I could put on any color combination that includes a polka-dot as their pattern and I’m instantly happier. I have two dresses, both polka-dotted; one is a maternity dress, and one is from the juniors’ section of a department store, neither fit me but that hasn’t stopped me from wearing them for the good mood that donning them puts me in. It’s too bad that the taste of this Nature Valley Biscuit Lemon Poppy Seed doesn’t make me as happy as its appearance. It does; however, remind me of Sunflowers’ perfume that I think every girl had stashed in her Christian Slater and Jason Priestly-adorned locker in 1995. I don’t think sunflowers even HAVE a smell, but their oblong white and yellow bottle someone managed to capture a sweet and playful feeling that makes one smile the way that its namesake does. I guess if we spunky girls on the cusp of womanhood (shudder) weren’t wearing Sunflowers, we had on Sun Ripened Raspberry lotion which was either Bath and Body Works or Body Shop. And only a few years later would we gals would’ve graduated to wearing Cool Water and Patchoulli. It’s a good thing that bars don’t smell like cheap perfume and cologne from the 1990s. Tom and Joanna really like this darling crunchy biscuit so they’re welcome to the rest of these pouches. (They vote a 5, myself a 3, so let’s settle for a nice in betweeny 4, and I would not object to Jo wearing Sunflowers, nor Tom wearing Cool Water.) 4/5

naturevalleybiscuit_lemonpoppy (4) naturevalleybiscuit_lemonpoppy (2)

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