FiberOne Orange Cranberry: $2.99/Box of 6/Target

fiberone_orangecranberry (3)I was expecting Fiber One Orange Cranberry to be too … just too. Usually when those two flavors, as classic as they are when they boogie in baked goods together, are combined, the orange is really bright and the cranberry is really tart. I make a wicked cranberry salsa at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but otherwise throughout the year, I don’t really eat cranberry in much else. This Fiber One was a nice change from my strict “cranberry-is-a-holiday-marble” stance, and I ended up finding it pretty tasty.

Back when Joanna was a baby, I fancied myself quite the baker and had every intention of writing a cookbook of baby and toddler breakfast recipes. When I’d gone back to working away from the home full-time, I wanted there to be nutritious breakfasts prepared ahead of time for her to eat so that Tom wasn’t resorting to serving her too many store-bought cereals and convenience chow. I still have my batter-splattered notebook w/ all the muffin recipes in it that I’d made and scribbled notes and changes and updates to. There was one week when I was working for the cringe-worthy art gallery that I mentioned in another post and I brought in dozens and dozens of mini muffins in a variety of flavors for all of the building’s staff to try, one of which was a cranberry orange. I seem to recall that Joanna liked every flavor of mini muffin that I made, and today she follows that trend w/ just about every bar that I give her a bite of, although I certainly can’t take any credit for the bar’s taste other than having purchased it. She and I both agree that this Fiber One is a “keeper”, and she sweetly reminded me that I owe her several batches of muffins again. 4/5

fiberone_orangecranberry (4) fiberone_orangecranberry (2)

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