Orchard Bar Pineapple Coconut & Macadamia: $2.50/World Market

orchard_pineapplecoconut (3)This yellow, beach-inspired package was cheerfully smiling back at me from the check-out counter of Cost Plus World Market. After I remembered my old home phone number (ye olde twirly-cord, dial-tone, call-waiting days of yore) that I’d used for my membership i.d. (that rarely seems to result in a discount whenever I’m asked to punch it in on their credit card machine) I decided that the cold winter shopping morning needed some tropical inspiration so I got an Orchard Pineapple Coconut & Macadamia bar too. While the gal continued to ring up my end-of-year clearanced odds & ends, I unwrapped the bar (hence my countertop picture w/o measuring tape), snapped a photo, and allowed the Banana Boat/cocktail-infused scent to bombard my nose.

Taking a bite, this bar is like my Jamaican honeymoon condensed into an ugly brown rectangle. It tastes like every mixed drink made for Tom and I at the all-inclusive resort, that after a few days, felt like summer camp w/ booze, adults, and sadly, AK-wielding “counselors” the heavily-gated entrance. If I want an ingested trip down memory lane, I think I’d rather eat jerk chicken or Jamaican beef patties. I couldn’t even finish this bar it was just too sweet and tropical. But thanks for the sweet memories Orchard. Rather than the generic candy assortments that we were given for Christmas, I wish somebody had thought to give us Orchard Bar Sample Gift Box – better yet, every bar manufacturer should consider offering sample packs like this where you get a cute bite of different flavors – kinda like Godiva box of fruit/nut bars. 3/5

orchard_pineapplecoconut (3)orchard_pineapplecoconut (2)

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