Goodness Knows Apple Almond Peanut Dark Chocolate: $1.49/Kroger

goodnessknows_applenutdkchoc (3)These are brand-new to me and were on an end-cap display at Kroger this past week. The package is slightly longer than other bars of similar ingredients/flavors – you know, the ones that have nuts held together with a glossy cane syrup, a chocolate layer on the bottom, and studded with a dried fruit. This particular combination is intriguing though – apples, almonds, peanuts and dark chocolate. What sets it apart from other bars is that it’s already separated into four tidy little squares, and the macros reflect that by saying that a serving size is 1 pack, or all 4 squares. I’m shaking my fist at you Nature’s Bakery where you fooled me way too long w/ your delicious 2-pack of fig bars until I find out that each little square was 100 calories.

This entire Goodness Knows bar is quite tasty. I don’t think I’ve ever really had apple w/ chocolate and nuts before. Oh wait, I lie. About 5 years ago on Christmas Eve at my parents house, there was a knock on the door from an overnight FedEx delivery – the box held this mutant apple, about the size of a toddler’s head, and it was dipped in chocolate and dotted with nuts, and drizzled in more chocolate and caramel. There was no note from whom or whence it came – the mysterious monster apple was mauled – it was amazing! Goodness knows I would’ve liked to have known who to thank for that cleverly-crafted culinary concoction. This bar comes pretty close to that taste and it’s nice that you can share of the four pieces if you’re feeling generous. 5/5

goodnessknows_applenutdkchoc (2)  goodnessknows_applenutdkchoc (4)

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