Clif Blueberry Crisp: $1.49/Kroger

clif_blueberrycrisp (3)Let’s find out if I’ve gotten over my ralph-reaction to blueberry-flavored foods. (For reference, see post on Luna Blueberry Bliss.) A tentative little nibble, a slow chew, pause, chew … then swallow. That’s enough for me. Even if I DID like blueberry things, I don’t think I’d like this anyways. It’s not crispy – just another soft-ish oval-ish Clif bar that greatly resembles the brown amber and cinnamon scented soap that we bought for gifts at a patchoulli-infused tent at AthFest last June. (Hmm … an amber cinnamon energy bar could be interesting, but everytime I smell anything amber, I remember my high school friend Maggie’s love of Victoria’s Secret “Amber Romance” perfume and how she would spray that stuff (or “Love’s Baby Soft”) liberally on her car seats and clothes after smoking so her parents wouldn’t smell cigarettes … and if they did smell cigarettes, she blamed it on me, haha, love you Maggs.

I also love how this cheapo Wet n’ Wild nailpolish is the exact same color as the label of this Clif Bar. I don’t paint my nails that frequently b/c I have wee bitten stubs, and I’m always messing w/ dishwater, art supplies, or my keyboard and can’t seem to keep color from chipping. But when I do, I love obnoxious Easter-egg hues, probably b/c when I was working in a more professional environment, we were discouraged from wearing non-traditional nail polish colors and I’m making up for it now. I was more creative than that in high school w/ Maggie though and used Sharpies and white-out. And if I’d had had a robin’s egg blue nail polish and a Blueberry Crisp Clif Bar in 8th grade French, I still would’ve told Maggie that elle est le jambon et nous aimons le lait froid, for whatever reason that was. 1/5

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