Cascadian Farm Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip: Box of 8/Kroger/$4.99

cascadian_pbchocchip (4)These are wee bars, and yes, I have noticed that they are referred to as “kid-sized”; maybe next we’ll see “fun-sized” bars scaled down to those bite-sized candy cubes that I sneak from the leftover Halloween candy? /Strokes chin with dreamy Merlin expression/ Actually, that ISN’T a bad idea as sometimes I take one or two bites of a bar and know right away that it isn’t for me, but I hate to throw away another several inches of a snack. Sure, I’ll try to pass the scraps along to Scrappy Doo and Scrappy Lou, but even I can’t bring myself to give a 17-month old a full-fledged protein bar.

Cascadian Farm’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, while kid-sized, is a little more crunchy than Lou’s molars are accustomed to, so for its small size I figure I’ll eat and enjoy the whole thing myself. And it’s good! Way better than Quaker’s same flavor/similar sized granola bar! Two of the chocolate chips fell loose from their factory-packed crevices on the bar, but that was nothing a little grab with my finger couldn’t remedy.

I see the name Cascadian, and I know most consumers probably think of cascading waterfalls, or hair cascading down Rapunzel’s back, or happy words that rhyme w/ cascade like parade, mermaid, masquerade, serenade, escapade. But I think of Cascade dishwashing liquid, and the day last fall that I had a sample pack of their “pre rinse aid” (a product that I’d never buy) that, when I went to squirt it in the “rinse aid compartment” of the dishwasher, it violently squirted out then bounced back into my eyeball. I went into eye-rinsing panic, holding my head at an awkward angle under the faucet, after which I called Cascade’s customer service to see if I should have my eye checked out. The call-center voice (of poor English-speaking ability) didn’t seem to care much until she put me on hold, then returned to the line, probably having spoken to lawsuit-fearing management, and asked if she could send me another free sample (no) and if I could please go to an urgent care clinic and then call them back? My eye turned out to be OK after I had it looked at, but it was red and raw b/c I’d apparently over-cleaned it. So unless you’re a mermaid at a buffet, please try to evade the Cascade grenade.  4/5

cascadian_pbchocchip (3)

cascadian_pbchocchip (2)

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