LaraBar Coconut Cream Pie: $1/Kroger

larabar_coconutcreampie (3)My Dad makes a wicked good coconut cake. Maybe not as good as the famous buttery 20-layered one that hails from Charleston SC, but it’s still delicious, white, fluffy and decadent. And no, LaraBar Coconut Cream Pie can’t come close to my Dad’s cake but for its short list of ingredients, it tastes pretty good and made for a nice treat while out walking earlier this afternoon w/ Joanna and Louise. Our mission? We gave into the swirling dollar-sign dreams of tonight’s record PowerBall of $800 million, so we ambled to the EZ Grocery at the entrance of our neighborhood where there was actually a line of people buying tickets. I guess I’m not the only person who doesn’t buy lottery tickets but who couldn’t resist getting some this time around. I used to be a scratch-off junkie, starting w/ the Circle K Lucky 7’s when I was next door at Caribou Coffee playing Spades on school nights when I claimed to be at study groups, and finally giving up the urge to scratch my scratcher-itch when I gave up smoking. Not stopping at EZ Grocery for cigarettes made it ez to no longer buy lottery tickets. Plus it’s nice to not have the little silvery-gray shavings drifting across the counter or settling on the floor of the car.

A snack that inspires tropical thoughts w/ its heavy coconut flavor was appropriate for this gray, chilly day, along w/ my mind decorating the beach house near Charleston that I’ll have when I win the Powerball. And when I have that beach house, I can have my chauffeur drive me into Charleston for coconut cake whenever I want. 4/5

larabar_coconutcreampie (2) larabar_coconutcreampie (4)

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