Pure Organic Chocolate Brownie: $1.99/Whole Foods

pureorganic_chocbrownie (3)First off, the list of ingredients needs to be applauded – a soft bar, w/ no fudgy outer layer, and it only has 7 things in it, all of which I can pronounce and not have difficulty describing. The dotting of nuts along the edges of Pure Organic Chocolate Brownie reminds me of a certain Little Debbie that I had in my brown lunch bags growing up – the one that had a vertical perforation down the middle for (if you felt so nicely inclined) sharing.

The softness is sweetly complemented by the nuts in this bar, and while it isn’t heavy on the chocolate flavor, it is just sweet enough to make me not feel guilty for eating something w/ “brownie” in its name as a morning snack. I would happily eat this bar again, for its price, taste, texture, and simple ingredients. 5/5

pureorganic_chocbrownie (5) pureorganic_chocbrownie (4)

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