Fiber One Double Chocolate Soft-baked Cookie: $2.99/box of 6/Kroger

fiberone_dkchoccookies (1)A radical round review for you. Soft Baked Dark Chocolate Fiber One cookie is way tasty and worthy of joining rectangular ranks. I would eat it in any polygonal form. Perusing the ingredients, it’s unfortunate that I don’t think I could recreate these in my kitchen b/c they’re a little more money than I’d like to spend on a cookie. I’m treating it like a bar and eating it with afternoon coffee – I’ve recently switched back to full-on caffeine whereas I was brewing my coffee half decaf for the past several years. I’m a backwards New Year’s Resolution person I guess: give me MORE caffeine.

I think folks are gearing themselves up for failure when they take on a New Year’s resolution right at 12:01 on January 1st. I’ve tried it in the past – it’s 11:57 and I’m taking my last, overly-dramatic puff of a cigarette. Or it’s 11:58 and I’m stuffing pigs in blankets and chili-cheese nachos into my face. Or it’s 11:59 and I’m mentally unrolling my yoga mat to get back into Pilates the next day. Or it’s midnight and I’m kissing that person who was never good for me, telling myself, “I’ll make good dating choices this year”! This time around I’m trying to take a more realistic approach to the new year and I’m only choosing things that I know I can succeed at, such as reconnecting w/ friends in the three-dimensional world, or stop downloading so many samples on my Kindle and start getting library books or more Kindle loaners. Or quit queuing up Netflix shows that have more than 100 episodes b/c chances are, I won’t ever get through it. I’m shaking my fist at YOU, Grey’s Anatomy. What I am happy to do though is return to 100% caffeinated coffee and if there’s a bar of any shape in my other hand, all the better. 5/5

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