Kellog’s Chewy Nut Bar Chocolate Almond: $2.99/box of 6/Kroger

kellogchewynut_chocalmond (4)I’ve always been an almond-addict, and lately Emerald brand has started releasing their little green pouches of nuts in really funky varieties. The most recent that I’ve dug my hand into is Raspberry-glazed almonds, but I’m still down w/ the cocoa almonds, and yes it’s a different nut, but their Sriracha Cashew. When I see a bar that has almond in its title, I want to taste almond, and not that subtle almond whiff that reminds me of a 1986 Caswell Massey almond oil bar of soap or whatever re-gifted powder room accoutrement came from that perfumed store at Perimeter Mall. I remember giving teachers little Caswell Massey or Crabtree & Evelyn satchets of Jojoba-scented toiletries at Christmastime, but now there’s a zillion different headache-inducing aromas of things from Bath and Body Works that classic smells get lost in the shuffle.

And in the case of this Kellog’s Chewy Nut Chocolate Almond, its classic tastes. What could possibly go wrong when almond and chocolate are combined? Well, in the case of this bar, it has the “chewy” texture of its label down pat, unlike other nut bars like KIND where you feel like you’ll chip a tooth on the 1st bite. But the flavor of this was all chocolate and not enough almond for me. Where I wanted actual almond, I got the Crabtree & Evelyn equivalent. Like somebody just walked past me having moisturized her hands with almond lotion while I was chewing a piece of chocolate; the taste is there, just not pronounced enough. Now if Emerald could get in the bar game and put their raspberry glazed almonds (or /clapping-hands-with-glee/ Sriracha cashews) into a bar, that would be just awesome. Did I give scented bathroom products as gifts this year? Le sigh, mais oui. They are the easiest go-to gifts for the casual lady acquaintances like my mail-carrier or Joanna’s bus driver. 3/5

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