Zone Perfect Salted Caramel Brownie: $0.99/Kroger

zoneperfect_saltedcaramelbrownie (4)I was convinced that I’d tried this flavor b4 and had to Ctrl-F my way thru old photographs w/ “Caramel” somewhere in the names that I gave them, but nope, ZonePerfect instead has a “Caramel Nut Clusters” which I did indeed eat awhile back. So Salted Caramel Brownie is new to me, and it actually LOOKS like a brownie that’s been glazed in caramel.

My “The Great British Baking Show” binge on Instant Netflix came to a conclusion yesterday (spoiler from last season b/c I’m always behind! Yay Nancy!) and I can’t even recall how many unbelievable treats were made that included caramel. It made me realize that I’ve never, not once ever, made caramel or anything that included caramel in it. I don’t think unscrewing a jar of caramel sauce, warming it, and pouring it over ice cream counts. The contestants on the show make everything they do look effortless, w/ gorgeous results to boot. I love that the show isn’t like all the zany reality contests on Food Network where every contestant seems hand-picked for being a complete his-or-her cliched personality type. Either that or they’re being fed lines and asked to play up their role. The Great British Baking Show just seemed more about the food and less about the drama, and you actually feel like you’d want to join the contestants in a kitchen. I’m talking to you crazy dude w/ wonky teeth and girly hair-clippies in your hair! Some of the out-there artistic things that they accomplished w/ caramel just blew my mind. Back to my humble factory-made ZonePerfect bar and well, it tastes good but if I were a judge on a cooking show, I wouldn’t give it any awards. At least it’s not as gluey as other ZP bars. 3/5

zoneperfect_saltedcaramelbrownie (2)zoneperfect_saltedcaramelbrownie (3) 

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