Kellog Pastry Crisps Cookies & Cream: $3.49/box of 6/Kroger

kellogpastrycrisp_cookies&cream (3)I don’t care that this is made by Kellogs, the company ubiquitous w/ scratched formica tables, bleary eyes, cereal-spoon-slurping, “where’s-my-homework??” mornings. This Kellog’s Pastry Crisp Cookies & Cream has no place in the cereal aisle of the grocery store. Two (delicious) bites in, and I’m pretty sure that mistakes were made in stocking and arranging shelves – well, for starters, this isn’t crispy-crunchy. It’s nice and soft like a fresh cookie that’s come out of the oven but had long enough to come to room temperature while sitting out and not trapped inside an old stained tupperware in the pantry, and wait, does that lid even fit the corners? This thing is … awesome. It is dessert and as such, should be in the cookie aisle!

I used to shelve and arrange video games when I worked at Electronic Boutique (then bought out by Gamestop) which I left for Rhino Games (then bought out by Gamestop) … and then I plain left. Gamestop is the Starbucks of video games, and I didn’t want to work for them. But in all my years of alphabetizing games by console, there was always some district manager yahoo who had some brilliant idea that we had to push a certain game or a vendor who was paying to have premium space on a shelf. Kellog’s Pastry Crisps is the Katamari Damacy of video games. It is super-sweet and delicious but always on the wrong shelf. 5/5

kellogpastrycrisp_cookies&cream (2)kellogpastrycrisp_cookies&cream (4)

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