Lara Bar Chocolate Coconut Chew: $1/Kroger

larabar_choccoconut (1)This TINY bar is densely-packed w/ all natural ingredients, only five (!) on the list. But to me, it’s just not worth the 240 (!!!) calories to eat this little 3 1/4 incher when all I taste is a gummy chocolate. I can only imagine that the Gluten Free Birds, Vegans, and PaleOh Hell Nos really enjoy Lara Bars, but when it comes down to taste (maybe it’s acquired?) I can’t get on board w/ most of the flavors that I’ve tried.

My tastebuds aren’t firmly entrenched in Artificial Land where everything I eat is manufactured w/ a slew of mysterious ingredients, along w/ preservatives, sugars and fats. I cook healthy “clean” chow on a regular basis, but when I want a grab n’ go snack, or something b4 or after a workout, I also want it to taste good, regardless of the ingredient list. A decent amount of fiber and protein is preferable, and better yet, lower calorie, so w/ its macros and its taste, I’m just not going to go w/ a LaraBar Chocolate Coconut Chew again. “Chew” in the title about sums it up for me – reluctantly chewing. 2/5

larabar_choccoconut (4) larabar_choccoconut (2)

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