Clif Iced Gingerbread: $1/Kroger

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I am in gingerbread-overload right now as I am drinking Bigelow Ginger Snappish herbal tea, eating a Clif Iced Gingerbread bar, and perched on the counter nearby is Joanna’s gingerbread house that she made last night. I recommended to her that she let it sit out and dry (no cracking off dried pieces of icing or peeling away stale gumdrops) and we can use it as decoration and just eat Christmas candies separate as that’s what I always did w/ my gingerbread houses as a kid. So my many senses are assaulted, in the best possible yuletide way, w/ the spicy, sweet sluice of gingerbread.

I’d had Clif’s take on a gingerbread man in bar form last year and it’s as delicious now as it was then. It’s not too ginger-y which sometimes evokes sushi more than sweets to me; it hits all the right flavor notes and has a Luna-like icing drizzle for extra prettiness. I decorated gingerbread houses growing up every Christmas at a friend of my Mom’s w/ a group of kids. In b/t structural-support-frosting drying steps, we would occasionally play “Sardines”. This is a backwards form of Hide & Seek, where one person hides and everybody looks for him or her, but when they find them, they have to squish into the same spot, a la a can of sardines, until the last person finds them all squashed together. It just meant finding a hiding place that could fit several people … or if you were a tween (not yet a term for that age yet, I think we were just called pre-teens) and on the cusp of crushing, you wanted a smaller spot to force said dreamy dude to be closer to you. There was one such boy during my last few later years of gingerbread house decorating; I never got so far as to write him a check-yes-or-no-if-you-like-me note, but I always crossed my Sardine fingers that either I would find him in his hiding spot 1st, or he’d find me in mine 1st. And then we’d resume our gingerbread house decorating, me in my shoulder-padded sweatshirt covered in sequined candy canes and curly ribbons. Ugly Holiday Sweaters weren’t hip for irony then. We straight-up wore our tacky festive attire in STYLE. 5/5
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