Lara Bar Chocolate Chip Brownie: $1/Kroger

larabar_chocchipbrownie (3)Thank you Lara for putting semi-sweet chocolate chips into this bar; what a huge difference that made to the taste! The only thing that I don’t like about Lara Bars is how tiny and tightly-compacted they are. They’re just so wee! But I will say that this is the 1st flavor that I would definitely buy again. Straight from its wrapper and to my mouth, I enjoy the taste (hip-hip two times for the chocolate chips) and the texture, which isn’t nearly as thick and chewy as other flavors. At 200 calories though, it’s a little more indulgent than other larger and/or less caloric bars.

I can’t help but be reminded of my earlier PS1 gaming days when I discovered the first Lara Craft Tomb Raider game and became mind-numbingly addicted to passing each stage and mastering each level. Her pixelated posterior and blocky boobs in the Playstation Era, while incredible in comparison to the graphics on Pitfall or Burger Time, are nothing like the fancy schmanchy games today. I’m not curmudgeony about the good ol’ days of classic gaming, but the first several Lara Crofts were platforming adventure at their finest, even if I did shriek and throw the controller on many occasions trying to grab onto a ledge or kill a wild dog. Maybe if my stomach was equipped with a dense chocolate-packed Lara Bar I’d have been able to grab whatever bar Lara was leaping for: quick press forward and X … NOW! 4/5

larabar_chocchipbrownie larabar_chocchipbrownie (2)

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