Fit & Active Cereal Bar Chocolatey Pretzel: $1.79/box of 6/Aldi

aldi_chocolatepretzel (2)Dear Dad, thanks for thinking of me when you were shopping in Aldi. You are anything but a boring or dry person but this particular “Vitality Cereal Bar in Chocolatey Pretzel” is so very boring and so very dry. I feel like I’m chewing negative taste. Like I was hungry while I was digging through the higgly-piggly craft box in the garage and I’m forced to eat a wad of construction paper chased with piece of pipe cleaner dotted with googly eyes and sprinkled in paillettes.

This is one of the first Christmases (that doesn’t look right … help me grammar police, is that how one pluralizes Christmas?) where Joanna and I didn’t crack-out on arts and crafts gifts for everybody. I won’t spoil the surprise of what we did end up doing, but I will say that it didn’t involve paint, dried spices, moss, cotton balls, retro costume earrings w/o their mate, toilet paper tubes, or sanddollars. Well, there’s still a week til Christmas, so we have time to dip pretzel rods in chocolate and make sprinkle funtimes wizard wands and those will taste way better than these Aldi bars. I know that I don’t usually write about generic brand bars, but fabulous Father brought these to me so what could I do but try them out. Sorry Joanna, but the rest of the box is going to end up in your school snack pocket of your backpack this week. 1/5

aldi_chocolatepretzel (4) aldi_chocolatepretzel (3)

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  • Al says:

    Very very funny! I’ll be sure to pass these up next time I go to Aldi –which isn’t too often. Does Joanna know that I bought them? if not mum is the word please.

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