Luna Chocolate Dipped Coconut: $0.89/Kroger

luna_choccoveredcoconut (3)Not sure why Luna bars were so crazy inexpensive at Kroger this week, but I scooped up a handful and was surprised to find that I hadn’t had Luna Chocolate Dipped Coconut before. It’s another “pretty” bar but I’m not sure this book should be judged by its pretty cover. The strong taste of coconut (more like coconut extract than actual coconut) dominates, and it’s the same texture as any other Luna bar for the most part w/ its chocolate bottom layer and diagonal drippings on the top. I’m already not coconut’s biggest fan, but I like Luna Protein Coconut better than this.

Now books that DO have beautiful covers, that is until they become TV shows or movies and then the covers are refashioned w/ actors and actresses instead of artwork (boo, hiss) – I’m reading Dragonfly in Amber, part 2 of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series right now, per my Dad’s very, very enthusiastic urging. He rarely steers me wrong w/ his book suggestions, and I’ll always be grateful that he got me on the Wool series which will always be in my top 3 of all time. Like Game of Thrones, all of which I have read, the Outlander books are monstrous. Thank goodness for Kindles b/c I wouldn’t want to heft these bricks into my lap. He calls the Outlander books “soapy” and sure, some of the steamier parts of the story veer into soap territory, but it’s Gabaldon’s writing style that has me hooked. Unlike the 1st Game of Thrones that was just so hard to read b/c George R.R. Martin’s writing wasn’t nearly as polished yet, Gabaldon is a skilled writer from the get-go. Oops, this isn’t an Amazon book review, I was eating a Luna bar. The coconut flavor doesn’t transport me to the islands; I feel like I’m still standing in Kroger, but in the spice/baking aisle, smelling a bottle of coconut extract while I eat a rectangle of a Hershey bar. 2/5

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