Think Thin High Protein Chocolate Fudge: $0.60/Publix

thinkthin_highproteinchocfudge (3)This Think Thin High Protein Chocolate Fudge was on the clearance table at Publix for stupid cheap so I would’ve been crazy to turn down the chance to try another ThinkThin bar. Actually this would be my first time trying a ‘High Protein’ one, as all I’ve had up until now has been the ‘Lean Protein’ flavors. Now I know why. This was like eating a chocolate shoe. A shoe that had a cracked, drying, aged leather toe and a scuffed-up sole with frayed laces. The chocolate or fudge couldn’t mask a very unfortunate texture, nor its unappealing aftertaste. I’d much rather the Lean Protein than this.

I have a pair of boots that I ordered from a catalog (yes, over the phone w/ a catalog in hand; no online ordering around at the time), and please no judgement, said catalog was Delia’s, but in my defense, I was a college freshman, and these boots were some stylish s–tkickers. I still wear them, despite having taken them to a cobbler on several occasions. I’m not going to call the place a shoe-repair-store; no, he was a cobbler, and this old wild white haired dude cobbled these wicked black stomping boots everytime they started to fall apart. They are entirely worn out, the buckles are tarnished beyond recognition and half held together w/ safety pins, and the seams are like the little white wispy hairs that were sticking out of the cobbler’s nose. I bet 18 yr old Ticia wearing those boots eating mac n’ cheese and chex mix chased by PBR never imagined 30-sometime Mommy Ticia in those boots eating something called Think Thin. 1/5

thinkthin_highproteinchocfudge (4)

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