Clif Zbar Iced Lemon Cookie: $0.69/Kroger

clifzbar_icedlemoncookie (3)This Clif Kid Zbar Iced Lemon Cookie tastes remarkably good chew, chew, chew, until it hits the back of my throat, and there’s a strange, strong citrus aftertaste that reminds me of a lemon-honey cough drop. This does not bode well for lunchtime, b/c whenever I suck on a lozenge, it obliterates my tastebuds for the next several hrs., so I worry that I’ll be stuck w/ a lemon-throat.

But wow, the first bite IS nice. And the icing drizzle is pretty, reminding me of lemon squares from a school bake sale. I do wonder why the Lemon Cookie and S’mores Z-bars are slightly skinnier, and longer than the other Z-bar flavors. What would make their bar-robots squish out a slender oat log versus a shorter and wider oat-bar? Even if it was an oval or a trapezoid, I love all Z-bars (and who cares that they’re targeted at kids – they’re $0.69/each everywhere I’ve ever shopped), BUT the Iced Lemon Cookie one, nope. I know that we’re in the midst of flu season and I should be taking my zinc lozenges to ward off illness, but this bar’s flavor is having a lasting effect on me – that cloyingly medicinal coating in my throat. Maybe it’s because I’m still nursing Louise or maybe I have some super-human immune system, but I’m the only family member who didn’t get a flu shot, and I’m the only one who isn’t sick right now. I can hear Lou hacking in her crib and Tom hacking in the bed, and Joanna’s been one big dribble of sniffles. Knock on wood though; I’ll probably end up getting sick on Christmas Eve. 2/5

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