FiberOne Salted Caramel Cheesecake: $2.99/Box of 5/Target

fiberone_saltedcaramelcheesecake (4)Against my better judgment, I let Joanna pick out this box of Fiber One Salted Caramel Cheesecake the last time that she and I were shopping together, and I’m not entirely sure that she’s even familiar w/ what cheesecake tastes like, and “salted caramel” doesn’t really seem like a kiddo kinda taste, but oh well, I thought I’d want to nom one of these too. It’s the same size as Fiber One’s “brownies”, but are 150 cal. vs. 90 cal. Maybe it’s that gloppy orange stripe down the middle. Forgetting that these are sold in the cereal, oatmeal and granola bar section of the grocery store, I also made the mistake of letting her have one w/ her breakfast. It was “part of a balanced breakfast” like the cereal commercials from the 80’s that would show the bowl of Count Chocula on the table next to a glass of orange juice, a glass of milk (who drinks milk AND eats a bowl of cereal at the same time?), a slice of toast and scrambled eggs, so she was eating the Fiber One w/ yogurt, apple slices, and a zucchini/pineapple/banana muffin that I’d made the week b4 and frozen.

Surely I should’ve realized that “Cheesecake” doesn’t belong as “part of a balanced breakfast”, but it’s okay when there are Pop-tart flavors like “birthday cake” and “s’mores”, neither of which are typically thought of as things one eats at breakfast? I don’t know about you, but the last time that I went camping, I roasted cubes of cheesecake over the fire. Oh God of course I was joking, but that sounds like it could be amazing. Joanna shared a bite of Fiber One Salted Caramel Cheesecake w/ me, and I came dangerously close to doing the dainty spit-in-the-napkin ninja move. It was like undercooked cake w/ the not even cooked at all batter (in jelly form) in the middle. I’m already not cheesecake’s biggest fan, and I’ve never had a Fiber One that I didn’t like, but this one isn’t good, either as a dessert, or at breakfast. Sorry Joanna, I should’ve just given you a bowl of Count Chocula instead. 1/5

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