Luna Honey Salted Peanut: $1/Kroger

luna_honeysaltedpb (3)“70% organic” and “New recipe!” are the two things on the label of Luna’s Honey Salted Peanut that grabbed my eye b/c I’m pretty sure that I’ve eaten this flavor b4, but now the recipe is different in that maybe it added in more organic ingredients? Why even bother to tout a percentange of what’s organic – it reminds me of those fountain drink lemonades that say in tiny letters “contains less than 1% real fruit juice.” Am I bothered by ingesting 99% non-fruit juice, or 30% non-organic ingredients? Not especially Who knows, but this Luna tastes kind of like the kettle corn that was being sold at my daughter’s school’s Halloween festival back in October.

It had been wrapped up inside translucent plastic gloves – spooky? – and was being sold alongside a crockpot of hot water that was mixed w/ packets of generic hot chocolate powder mix. After a soggy hot dog bun that I shared w/ the baby, we went thru a haunted house being manned by eye-rolling, bored 5th graders, then we proceeded to roll our own eyes at the long lines for the bouncey castles that had mechanical bulls and strange rotating cylinders that shrieking children had to avoid. Not Joanna though – by her turn, instead of avoiding she went out of her (delighted and hysterical) way to get plowed over by the things. I probably would’ve been alot happier had I tucked a Luna like this inside the stroller (where Louise was dressed as Raggedy Ann, less the red and white striped tights and the cheeky red cheeks that I couldn’t pull off on her lest she schmear her face all around and become a more Chuckie version of the charming doll) rather than eat the stuff that was being sold. I did steer clear of the greasy food truck laden w/ fried oreos, fried twinkies, Frito pie and funnel cakes — F, F, F and F. Well, it was a Fun time (food flops nonwithstanding) and while this flavor of Luna isn’t impressing me too much right now, as a quick grab and eat bar I wouldn’t give it an F. 3/5
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