Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: $2.50/Kroger

quest_cookiedough (4)On less joyful rectangular news, I was in a pretty rough car accident this past weekend. Won’t go into grim details, but I’ll say that closing my eyes results in seeing the truck racing head-on for me, me in my precious Prius, but thank the stars and gods and God Almighty and fates that I didn’t take my daughters w/ me on my errands. My beat up mug in the ER several hours later, requested of my husband a Quest bar. Yes, he was going to Wendys and offered a jr. bacon cheeseburger, but I said, “go home – get me dry socks, clean pants, and a Quest bar.” His return yielded an entire comical ensemble for me to change out of my hospital gown into¬† – puffy rainbow-striped slipper socks, plaid pajama pants, and a tank top silk-screened w/ one of those ironic howling coyotes and full moon images. But the Quest bar? He forgot it /bitch-slap/ and drove us to Publix for chicken wings instead. Unfortunately that drive to Publix goes right down the main road outside of our neighborhood where the accident happened, so I get to relive it all the time now. =(

This Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is the Quest bar that he would’ve retrieved for me when I was wearing a neck brace like a dog cone over my bloodied head, and if I’d been eating it then, it probably would’ve tasted like sugared pieces of chalk and ticky-tack (that gray goo that I used in college to hang CD sleeves and concert ticket stubs up on the walls of my dorm room, mostly consisting of 311 and Cypress Hill) only b/c all of my senses were in a mixed state of adrenaline, pain, anger, relief, and sadness. Eating it now, I’m finding that gosh, this isn’t the tastiest of Quest bars, and I like just about all Quest bars. It is significantly better than Zone Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, but not so good that I’d buy it again. Having come to my taste senses, I DO think that it’s more like artificially-sweetened gommy gumminess w/ the occasional chocolate nib, but lacking the doughiness of the pieces that are supposed to make me go “mmm taboo raw egg uncooked cookie dough!” P.S. my car is obliterated, I am resting/recovering, and as this is a wholly new experience to me, I’m finding that dealing w/ insurance claims during a holiday week is horribly annoying. 2/5
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