Special K Salted Caramel Snack Bar: $2.78/Box of 6/Walmart

specialksnack_saltedcaramelchoc (5)At about the size of a Quaker Chewy Granola Bar, this Special K Salted Caramel Chocolate Snack Bar is true to its subtitle – best eaten just as a snack. I could chomp one down in four hearty bites, but instead choose dainty nibbles. I always mistype Quaker and end up w/ “Quacker” which makes me think of one of my several hundred My Little Ponies from when I was a wee lass, whose name was Quackers. She was white and her derriere design was dur, rubber ducks, and she had rainbow hair. She also had faceted eyes, making her a “Twinkle Eyed Pony”. Yes, I know these things. No, I’m not a ponyphile. I kept what one would think of as a precursor to an Excel spreadsheet w/ college-ruled paper handwritten w/ columns of the name of the pony, size, body color, hair color, and what they now call “cutie marks.” I had so many ponies, I didn’t want to forget who was who. Worked out well b/c I saved those sheets of paper and ended up selling a bunch of those ponies on Ebay and several went for $50+ each. I had to hang onto a bunch for Joanna and Louise (and myself) to play w/.

This is not a sexy bar from the sides and the interior, although the top moreso resembles the image on the wrapper – chocolate chunks and a caramel drizzle. The smell is sweet and heavy on the caramel, but the taste is more waxy than anything, hovering b/t its indecision to be crunchy or chewy. At 100 calories though, it’s a cute little snack, but not one that I’d lunge at again. 2/5specialksnack_saltedcaramelchoc (3) specialksnack_saltedcaramelchoc (2)

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