Nature Valley Sweet & Spicy Chili Dark Chocolate: $2.98/Box of 6/Walmart

naturevalleysweetspicy_dkchocpeanut (3)I love a good sweet/salty/savory combo, but surprise me w/ some heat and I’m in love. I buy these cans of peanuts from Ace Hardware (how bizarre, right? I discovered them on the impulse shelf near the cash register, next to lip balm, AA batteries, chewing gum and Bic lighters), and in a fiery red can w/ a donkey on the side proclaiming them “Ass Kickin’ Peanuts.” My favorite way to eat them is mixed w/ M&M’s and goldfish crackers, and when I get to the bottom of the can where a nice spicy nuclear orange dust remains, I toss in some generic-brand peanuts and shake, shakey-shake that can around to disperse (and extend the life of!) the spicy goodness. My back-up snack is popcorn sprinkled w/ Cajun seasoning and tossed with mini M&Ms while hot so that the candy coating bursts just a little bit from the heat, and the inside gets gooey. That started as a pregnancy craving that turned into regular snack rotation.

Nature Valley Sweet & Spicy Chili Dark Chocolate is a little more tame than I’d like. I’m not going to squeeze Sriracha on top or anything wild like that, but this could stand from a bit more of a kick, although as is, I rank this as one of my favorite new Nature Valleys. 4/5

naturevalleysweetspicy_dkchocpeanut (4) naturevalleysweetspicy_dkchocpeanut (2)

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