Lenny & Larry Double Chocolate Chip: $2/Publix

lennylarry_dblchocolate (3)E-gads this Lenny & Larry Double Chocolate is ROUND, not a rectangle! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as it’s called “The Complete Cookie” and the only rectangular cookie that I can think of is the crunchy butterscotch things that my Dad makes around the holidays. But but but this was in the bar aisle right below the Quest bars and right next to the KIND bars! I couldn’t help myself, not just b/c of the smiling dudes on the wrapper, but that Publix was also offering them 2 for $4. But what a sneaky addition to their label referring to a single cookie (albeit very large and thick) as two servings, making the entire thing 420 calories (!!) I don’t think there’s anything really “good for you” about this cookie unless you’re a vegan who is having a serious chocolate craving b/c these are very chocolatey; duh that’s what they’re called. The chocolate chips are spaced out evenly enough to get one in every bite, and the cookie itself is that perfect softness; not so squishy to resemble an undercooked cookie from the oven, but not so crunchy that it’s like those Chips Ahoy original cookies that are just *too* crunchy. I have to say that Joanna and I are thoroughly enjoying sharing this cookie right now; yes dear it IS delicious, but I still can’t get over the “2 servings at 220 per” in a singly-wrapped cookie; is a single can of soda ever considered 2 servings? A stick of gum? A thing that is meant to be ingested by one, packaged by itself, (well, even if you are generous and share whatever said product is) shouldn’t have its nutrition contents broken into two servings /waggles finger. But, L&L while not a bar, I’d eat your cookie in the car. Even w/ its calories, the taste makes me go “awwww jeeez.” 5/5

lennylarry_dblchocolate (2)    lennylarry_dblchocolate (4)

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