Luna Chocolate Cupcake: $0.98/Walmart

luna_choccupcake (2)
Decadent dark, dark chocolate in appearance with a light “frosted” zig-zag drizzle across the top. Sniff, sniff — swoon! Luna’s Chocolate Cupcake smells just like its namesake. One bite transports me to a bakery – these are no snacky-snack. This is a TREAT. Dessert. Way too sweet and chocolatey to feel good about eating as a between-meals snack, unless you’re accustomed to chomping down a candy bar at any time of the day.

The inside’s texture looks like it’s going to be dry and chalky, but it turns out it’s has a moist consistency. No, it doesn’t approximate the cakey moistness of an actual cupcake, but who can wrap a cupcake in a foil wrapper and tuck it into her (sigh, Luna-lady-marketing!) purse for a later nibble? I’m finishing this bar right now over a cup of coffee, and something feels supremely wrong about eating it in the morning, unless they’d named it “Chocolate Muffin.” Your move, Luna marketing team. Re-name. Muffin is an icing-less cupcake in disguise! 5/5

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