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rectanglefoodcrabsI’ve been accumulating several months’ worth of reviews, so while this is my official greetings & salutations, I’ve got a profusion of posts about all the bars that I’ve crunched and chomped my way through from earlier in spring 2015. Of course toothy crabs in bowties and jazzy seashells have nothing to do w/ rectangle food (fine, some bars are oblong or square) but this doodle is a “rehearsal” of a project that I’m working on w/ 8-year old daughter Joanna … to be continued.

That being said, Joanna is my cheerful back-up eater/reviewer when I’m feeling generous. I love her recoil-reaction to the more bland of the bars, but I love it more when she says that my homemade versions are better. My 1-year old, Louise, gets an occasional nibble of the more squishy, less protein-laden variety. The husband, Tom, thinks I’m insane because of my shoebox full of bars, and sometimes I’ll share a bite w/ him, but I think he’d rather have a bowl of Ramen or a haunch of beef jerky.





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  • Al says:

    Really love your new website. Your reviews will save me from wasting time and dough on so-so brands. The proliferation of rectangular bars with catchy labels makes decisions difficult for some of us. Hey, there are wine connoisseurs, now we have a bar connoisseur. Thank you.

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